Georgia SBEAP provides free and confidential environmental permitting and compliance assistance to Georgia businesses employing 100 individuals or less, corporate wide.

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Technical Assistance Services

Georgia SBEAP’s technical assistance services are focused on helping small businesses understand and comply with environmental regulations through one-on-one permitting and compliance assistance. SBEAP employs a technical assistance team that has experience working with a wide range of business sectors, such as:

  • Auto collision repair
  • Metal fabrication
  • Automotive salvage and scrap metal
  • Biofuel manufacturing
  • Ready-mix concrete production
  • Mining and rock crushing
  • Construction
  • Wood waste mulching and recycling
  • Dry cleaning and laundry services

To request assistance, complete our Technical Assistance Request Form.


Permitting Assistance

“Does my business need an environmental permit?”

This is a common question SBEAP receives from small business owners. Because SBEAP is a program of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD), our technical assistance team works closely with EPD’s air, water and land protection branches to determine what regulations apply to your business and what permits your business needs. Our permitting services include:

  • Conducting a thorough review of business operations to identify processes, Customermaterials used, and potential sources of pollution to determine permitting requirements
  • Preparing air quality permit applications
  • Performing Potential to Emit calculations for air emission sources
  • Preparing Notices of Intent for coverage under the NPDES storm water general permit
  • Evaluating all aspects of your business for compliance with multi-media environmental requirements (air, water, hazardous and solid waste)

Compliance Assistance

Georgia SBEAP realizes that small business owners are focused on operating their businesses and often need help understanding environmental laws and regulations. Our compliance assistance services include:
  • Conducting on-site compliance evaluations
  • Developing compliance plans to help you achieve compliance
  • Preparing Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans required by Georgia storm water regulations
  • Developing helpful tools, such as compliance checklists and record-keeping systems, to maintain compliance
  • Identifying pollution prevention and resource conservation opportunities (e.g., energy efficiency, water efficiency) to reduce operating costs

SBEAP also provides priority assistance to small businesses referred to us by EPD's compliance and enforcement programs as a result of an inspection or compliant-based investigation to help them achieve compliance.