Georgia SBEAP provides free and confidential environmental permitting and compliance assistance to Georgia businesses employing 100 individuals or less, corporate wide.

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  • U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) now offers locally customized training and event email messages for small business owners. Submit email/zip code at
  • New Industry Sector Specific Factsheets … Refer to “Browse by Business Sector” tab located on SBEAP website home page.
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  • EPD will discontinue free Visible Emissions Certification classes in 2017.
  • Submit your SIP application online … GEOS SIP Online Application Portal. For assistance in completing the online SIP application, please contact SBEAP at 404-362-4842.
  • To attend training classes to learn how to submit SIP applications online … GEOS Training Schedule 

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Please complete the following form to request free technical assistance. To qualify for assistance, your business must be based in Georgia and employ 100 individuals or less corporate wide.

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Georgia SBEAP offers free technical assistance to Georgia businesses employing 100 individuals or less corporate wide.

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